A full house remodel and a second story addition expanded this boilerplate 1960s home, providing generous entertaining and common living areas at the main floor and private sleeping areas at the upper floor. Detailing, proportion and building form reference the original era of construction, complemented by a new open floor plan to bring in more light and improved integration between interior and exterior living areas. At the interior, a rift white oak faced soffit defines the primary circulation zone at the main floor, then rolls up into the stairwell to delineate the upper hallway. The same rift white oak is echoed in the kitchen and fireplace wall, complemented by neutral accent tile and paint color selections. Steel panels, stained cedar and douglas fir details and structure provide warmth and texture at exterior finishes; a new rain garden at the front edge of the house collects and infiltrates all roof runoff. A new patio and trellis mark an outdoor gathering space at the south-facing backyard, complemented by a large outdoor roof deck at the front yard to the north for a reprieve from the summer sun and to keep an eye on their littles playing out in the cul-de-sac with friends.

photography by Nathaniel Willson