We are designers, we are builders, and our work is informed by our experience as both. We seek out simple, modern solutions that implement vernacular forms and materials indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. Clean lines, expression of structure and material, and sustainable building practices are at the core of every project.

Our clients play an active role in the design | build process. We get to know you, your family or your company, how you live and work, and what is important to you. We listen to your ideas and collaborate with you, ensuring that the parameters that drive your project are a reflection of your priorities. We propose solutions that expand your thinking, and we problem-solve until we’re satisfied that the path forward is clear, essential and beautiful.





With an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Washington and a background in carpentry and fine woodworking, Brian established EDGE in 2001. Brian brings a diverse skillset and deep understanding of each phase of construction to every project, managing field operations, contributing to design detailing, and communicating with clients.




Nina joined EDGE in 2004 after completing her Master of Architecture at the University of Washington. She is thoughtful and intuitive, working to distill design goals and unify disparate ideas to cast vision for each project. Nina retains close ties with her alma mater as a part-time lecturer and studio critic for the UW Department of Architecture.



Project Administrator

Moving a project from paper to reality requires a comprehensive team. Suzanne joined EDGE in 2016 to take on the pivotal role of assembling and coordinating team members, working with clients, subcontractors, and EDGE design and field operations to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. She is responsive, organized, communicative and an asset to every project. Suzanne has an undergraduate degree from Ripon College and a Master’s Degree in Environment and Community from Antioch University.