NWP-20180427-brother barrel-0001.jpg

DESIGN: EDGE w/ restaurant planning by 2812 ARCHITECTURE BUILD: EDGE

Brother Barrel is a celebration of craft, from the diverse artisans that participated in the making of its space and furnishings to the barrel-aged beer behind its inception. An extensive tap tower and custom steel and wood shelving comprise the back bar; the front bar is defined by a long zinc counter and a suspended timber and steel light canopy. Reclaimed wood and steel paneling echo the barrel stave and hoop furnishings, and oversized murals anchor the space. A custom steel door by EDGE greets patrons at the entry, and a steel stair leads to private seating at the mezzanine.

steel stair and railings by Anvil House

chairs and stools by Reclaimed in the USA

photography by Nathaniel Willson